Winter Weather Update #1 – Elmore County, 6 Jan 2017

01/06/2017  8:32:16 AM  Below are the updated weather graphics issued by the NWS Office in Birmingham. These graphics show the updated effects of the winter weather that is forecasted to include types and amounts of precipitation. The primary change with their forecast this morning from last night is an increased threat in the areas well north of Elmore County. The forecast is pretty much the same for Elmore County at this point. The freezing temperatures have moved into north Alabama quicker than forecasted and central Mississippi is already experiencing sleet and snow.  

According to the NWS, today in central Alabama will be a day of patchy rain showers and as we go into the afternoon and evening hours this rain will transition over to a snow/sleet/freezing rain mix. Travel conditions are likely to deteriorate this afternoon, evening and into tonight. Travel conditions will likely continue to be impacted into the day tomorrow. Temperatures will fall below freezing this evening and will remain below freezing through tomorrow, possibly as late as 12:00 noon.  

Please be prepared to limit your travel this afternoon into tonight and tomorrow morning.  

Stay tuned for additional updates and please watch our website at  and social media post for all updates regarding updated weather information, road closures, and other hazards, etc.

NWS Win Wx 1  6 Jan 2017

NWS Win Wx 2  6 Jan 2017

NWS Win Wx 3  6 Jan 2017