URGENT Clarification & Update to Impassable Travel Advisory Effective 6PM, 6 Jan 2017


01/06/2017  4:27:39 PM

URGENT CLARIFICATION & Addition of City of Wetumpka: For Immediate Release, REQUEST Your Widest Dissemination

 Memorandum for Local Media Contacts

 From: Kimberly L. Trost, Program Coordinator and PIO

 Ref: Elmore County Road and Bridge Conditions – Impassable Travel Advisory

Date: January 06, 2017                                                                     

Press Release

                Elmore County Clarifies Impassable Travel Advisory for COUNTY ROADS Only; Advisory Now Includes the City of Wetumpka Streets

 Elmore County – The Elmore County Emergency Management agency (EMA), in coordination with the Elmore County Highway Department, issued the below Advisory that is applicable to Elmore COUNTY ROADS/BRIDGES and City of Wetumpka STREETS ONLY. This Advisory DOES NOT include state routes.

            IMPASSABLE TRAVEL ADVISORY: Effective 6 PM, 6 January, 2017, ELMORE COUNTY roads and bridges in Elmore County should be considered IMPASSABLE until further notice. Members of the general public are advised that when roads and bridges become IMPASSABLE all travel should be suspended or delayed. Only emergency vehicles should travel on county roads and bridges until further notice.

 Elmore County EMA, in coordination with the Elmore County Highway Department, shall notify the public with a “Resumption of Travel” statement once conditions improve and ELMORE COUNTY roads and bridges and City of Wetumpka streets are passable once again.

If you have any questions regarding the above Impassable Travel Advisory, you may contact the Elmore County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 334-567-6451.





Kim Trost, Elmore County EMA