Concept of Operations

The Elmore County Emergency Management Organization is comprised of all departments, agencies, and organizations that have essential functions of government. These essential functions of government are identified as Emergency Management Functions. The Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is the coordination point of the emergency management functions in Elmore County and has been assigned the authority of executing the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

The Emergency Operations Plan has been developed in compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). The plan applies to all major emergency situations associated with potential hazards, whether natural, technological or human-caused. The plan does not limit or restrict initiative, judgment, or independent action required to provide appropriate and effective emergency response and recovery.

Multi-Agency Coordination Group

  The EMA is responsible for coordinating the Elmore County Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) Group to increase the overall level of coordination, communication, and collaboration of the emergency management functions and phases in the county. The MAC Group will be made up of leaders and representatives of all stakeholder agencies and organizations in the county to include municipal and county government agencies  and departments: volunteer, non-profit and faith-based organizations and private sector

The MAC Group is organized in sections as follows: Policy, Operations, Community Service, Infrastructure, Planning/External Affairs, Logistics, and Financial/Administration.

Emergency Operations Center


The Elmore County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the central coordination point for emergency management operations and activities within the county. The purpose of this central point is to ensure harmonious response when the emergency involves more than one jurisdiction and several response agencies. Coordination and supervision of all services will be through the EOC to provide for the most efficient management of resources. During major emergencies the EOC will become the seat of government for the duration of the crisis.

EMA is responsible for monitoring and analyzing any situation that may threaten public safety. The EMA Director will convene members of the Elmore County MAC Group as a “local” Incident Support Team (IST) and it is an organizational unit that will be used to support the Incident Commander and will/may staff the EOC for assisting with crisis monitoring and analyzing any situation that may threaten lives, property or the environment in Elmore County.

The primary function of the EOC is to support incident management policies and priorities, facilitate logistics support and resource tracking, inform resource allocation decisions using incident management priorities, coordinate incident related information, and coordinate interagency and intergovernmental issues regarding incident management policies, priorities and strategies. Direct tactical and operational responsibility for conducting incident management activities will be the responsibility of the Incident Commander on the scene of the incident.