Are You Ready, Elmore County?


Elmore County

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)


Are You Ready,

Elmore County?

A Short Course In All-Hazards Citizen Preparedness


How Prepared Are You?

Quick Self-Assessment:

  • Are you familiar with local hazards?
  • Are you familiar with alert and warning systems?
  • Do you know the correct protective actions to take for each hazard?
  • Do you believe preparedness steps can help in severe weather events?
  • Do you believe preparedness steps can help in terrorist acts, hazmat incidents, disease outbreaks?
  • Do you know how to prepare for emergencies and disasters?
  • Did you know preparing is affordable and can be done on a budget?
  • Have you participated in preparedness training/drills in the last two years?
  • Do you have an emergency plan? Discussed it with your household?
  • Can you name at least 3 supplies that go in emergency supplies kits?
  • Do you have emergency supplies?
  • Have supplies been updated/rotated in the last six months to a year?


Let’s Take a Closer Look

What does it take to Be Ready?

 Investigate   4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Be Informed.

Step 2: Make a Plan.

Step 3: Build An Emergency Supplies Kit.

Step 4: Practice Your Plan.


So, are YOU Ready, Elmore County?

If not, let us help you learn how.

Join us for one of our presentations, coming soon to Elmore County!